Algorithmic Harmony Research Group


Welcome to the website for the Algorithmic Harmony's Forex trading algorithms development. This website and its products are administered by Algorithmic Harmony Research Group (AHRG).

We are glad that you have found your way to this website. It has likely been a long road for many of you. No doubt in the formative stages of your Forex education you will have been burnt by get rich quick schemes that never came to fruition, or have been caught in the lure of the many Forex scams that seem to be prevalent within the Forex community. It will have become evident to you that large, quick, profits are equated with equally large drawdown leading to sleepless nights worrying about your entire initial investment disappearing as the result of a high risk:reward strategy.

AHRG primary focus is the development of trading algorithms that provide robust solutions that will reap consistent profit with low drawdown. The name Algorithmic Harmony was derived from the base words algorithm (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations) and harmony (agreement, accord). This reflects the premise behind Algorithmic Harmony. AHRG achieves a harmonious relationship between three trading strategies governed by multiple distinct algorithms. Each trading algorithm is a proven robust and profitable strategy in its own right. It must be noted that the multiple trading strategies perform well in different market conditions. When one trading strategy is performing well the other strategies do not produce trades, or produce a low number of losing trades. As a result the profit curve for the algorithms are truncated but the combination of the harmonious strategies which lessens the impact of the drawdown periods produced by running each trading strategy in isolation.

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